Are you looking for a career in DevOps/SRE?

According to the stack overflow 2020 survey, SREs and DevOps specialists are one of the highest paid engineers in the IT industry. These roles require a very different skillset and knowledge than traditional IT roles.

An ideal candidate should have the ability to automate tasks through code, design highly available, scalable and reliable systems, troubleshoot live issues, understanding of SLDC and best practices.

At Let Us DevOps, We are happy to introduce career guidance and mock interviews which can help you in making a career in DevOps/SRE role. Scroll below for more details.

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Mock Interviews ₹2999

4 mock interviews across a span of 4 weeks.

Week 1 – Programming

Week 2 – Linux commands and Networking

Week 3 – Designing scalable systems

Week 4 – DevOps tools and best practices

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Career Guidance ₹799


Do you want to make a career in DevOps/SRE and don’t know where to start?

Discussion about the DevOps/SRE role

Know about Skills required for the role

Provide a proper roadmap for learning and interviews

Doubts Clearance

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Mock Interview with Guidance ₹4999

7 sessions of 1 hour each across a span of 7 weeks

Understand the DevOps/SRE role

Know about Skills required for cracking interviews

Provide a weekly study plan and provide feedback

Mock Interviews and resume building

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Crack DevOps Interview: LetUsDevops

What you can expect in this program?

  • Crack DevOps Interview: LetUsDevops

    A basic roadmap of what you can read

    We will be providing a basic roadmap of what all you can read and how to make it more efficient.

  • Crack DevOps Interview: LetUsDevops

    Expect industry level Mock Interviews

    Along with making you comfortable with mockinterviews. We will provide a detailed overview of what can be done better and which areas to focus.

  • Crack DevOps Interview: LetUsDevops

    Tips and tricks on how to answer open ended rounds like system design.

    System design is one of the rounds which you have to face as you move up in your career. We will talk about how you can answer the questions and how to prepare for this rounds.